Satco's COVID response Page

SATCO's COVID 19 Response and Support

SATCO's COVID 19 Response and Support

We are all in this together…as a world, a nation and an industry. 
The lighting industry is a close community, and, at SATCO, we consider our employees and colleagues "family."

Since the announcement of COVID-19 SATCO has focused our efforts on protecting our workers and customers, implementing the best precautionary practices throughout our offices and warehouses and swiftly moving to social distancing models and new sanitization processes; all in an effort to ensure the health and safety of everyone in our community and circle.

SATCO has been serving our country as an essential business with a strong focus on servicing our community and customers who are at the front line of this crisis, supporting emergency workers in aiding their community efforts.  

All the while SATCO continues to provide our customers with the personal care and attention needed in this time of uncertainty; lending an ear to concerns and working behind the scenes to provide long term, sustainable solutions for your business.

We are SATCO.  For over 50 years we have grown strong on the value of relationship.  

We are here for our employees, their safety and well-being.

We are here for our customer, creating solutions for the continuation of healthy business while servicing your lighting needs today.

We are here for the lighting community and communities at large, with support, knowledge and new solutions, as well as the lighting products that have become necessary essentials during this time.

We do the LIGHT thing.  We do the RIGHT thing...and we are with you all the way!


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