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Thursday, August 6, 2020

SATCO’s NEW 2020 LED Lamp Catalog and LED Functional Fixture Catalog are off to the press, but you can grab your digital copy now! Chock full of some of the most versatile LED innovations in manufacturing, our products are designed for quality, construction and value.

The Lamp Reference Catalog includes over 100 pages of innovation for new and retrofit applications. From our ever-expanding line of decorative filaments that continue to gain popularity both in commercial and residential space, to some of the most innovative replacement lamps like our premium ballast bypass and dual mode hybrid lamps, SATCO continues to provide unique solutions that service all corners of the market.

SATCO's Hi-Pro HID Replacement category advances with each generation. From LED technology for improved light quality to advancements in design engineering for ease of installation, features are abundant. Check out the HP 360s new add-on Wi-Fi smart sensor and the design enhancements to the ever popular multi-beam and and shoe box series. The ever-improving efficacies and installation through design and engineering are the hallmarks of SATCO products.

In SATCO's popular downlight retrofit program, customers will find the addition of ColorQuick® selectable CCT to be helpful in economizing their stocking options,  providing strong value though a greater ability to service customers needs with fewer skus.

Download the catalog to check out these and the many other new additions to this year's LED lamp selection.

SATCO's unique relationships with LED and luminaire design continues to shine in the market as evidenced in our 2020 NEW LED Functional offering.  Download The LED FIXTURE CATALOG to find product expansions in nearly every program.

The LED FIXTURE CATALOG includes a host of new products with advanced features for on-the-fly adjustments and installation solutions that provide that ability to custom tailor the light right at the installation site; quality lighting solutions for an ever-growing variety of customers, applications and markets.  

Of note, in this catalog the new High Bay Lay In fixtures with ColorQuick® technology offering five selectable color temperatures. These fixtures make it easy to utilize a single stock sku in a number of different settings; soft light, for retail; bright task lighting, for an office or school. Perfect for mixed-use construction projects. 

Whether it is for ease of installation, code compliance or changing the beam angle or glare, you'll find fixtures like NUVO's cut off and adjustable wall packs, adjustable linear troffers and adjustable LED canopy lights move to make your life easier or our LED UFO glare guards and optic covers to change the light quality without needed to change the fixture sku.

We design with your customer in mind.

On the heels of last year's success, NUVO continues to expand its exterior program. New additions include expanded flood lights in a variety of sizes, landscape flood lights, architectural wall lighting, step lighting and security lighting. Plus big additions to the Wall Pack program with design and feature expansions including the unique cut off, semi cut off and adjustable wall packs with ColorQuick® CCT Selectable Technology.

Now found in the FUNCTIONAL category, SATCO's recessed downlight program. Recessed lighting is one of SATCO|NUVO's biggest programs, and ranges from our customizable FREEDOM® downlights to our unique linear recessed.

The remote driver downlight program has expanded to include not the edge-lit, directional (gimbal) and fixed downlight as well as the commercial downlight in silver or white reflectors, also featuring ColorQuick® CCT Selectable Technology and Selectable Wattage technology. 

BLINK® has expanded to include the new decorative version, Luxe in the flush mount section, and there are well so many other new lights, connectable, utility and strip lights.

NUVO continues to explore solutions that work for our market and, as a result, we continue to grow. 

Explore our catalogs here.

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