LED High Lumen PL Lamps

High Lumen PL Lamp

Thursday, October 5, 2023

Designed to deliver impressive brightness, LED High Lumen PL lamps outshine traditional fluorescents. The G24d base allows for seamless replacement of outdated fixtures, providing a hassle-free upgrade. With their advanced ballast bypass Type B technology, compatibility concerns are a thing of the past. Enjoy uniform illumination with a wide 300° beam angle, ensuring comprehensive coverage in any space. These lamps are engineered to withstand damp environments, making them ideal for various applications. Plus, they are rated for enclosed fixtures, ensuring optimal performance and safety.


  • 5 CCT Selectable - 3000K | 3500K | 4000K | 5000K | 6500K
  • High Lumen Output
  • 300⁰ Beam Angle
  • Rated for Extreme Temperatures

Suggested Applications: Hospitality, Retail, Offices, and Residential

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