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Blink™ Satco's most popular selling LED downlight

January 25, 2019

From home to hospitality, Blink™ has proven to be the fixture of choice, selling over 2 million units in under three years. Originally designed as a value product for tight spaces and low ceilings, Blink™’s clean, unassuming aesthetic made it a specification favorite.  Blink™  can be installed in any room without interrupting the balance of design, making it a favorite in apartment buildings, multi-family housing, student housing and hospitality.

SATCO | NUVO Home Photo
[satco.azurewebsites.net/learn/product-videos/video/1941/blink-satcos-most-popular-selling-led-downlight;694259820b1ea5bce016aed196930123de642ccb;33055;2021-09-20 18:14:06][IN][][301][1.0]
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