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Satco continues to develop and grow the ways in which we connect to our customers.

While we still believe that nothing replaces the good old-fashioned face-to-face relationship, this fast-paced world means we often have to stay in touch through our keyboards and touch screens.

Everyone has their preference, from paper to email, text message to social chats, and we are developing a number of channels to meet you in the places you feel most comfortable, all while trying to keep it real.


We connect on email.  With both our product emails and our marketing emails, we deliver "just the facts" as well as more robust information on our products, events, training and other solutions available to our customers. 

Our marketing emails typically include links to information such as our sell sheets, webinars, videos downloads and more. If you are looking to sign up for our monthly newsletter, you can do so right here.

Social Media

Satco is continuing to amp up our engagement on social media including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Flicker and Twitter.  Facebook is our more personal and casual format, while LinkedIn is where you will likely find more of our news.  Instagram is great for quick hit visual information and shareable visuals and Flickr is a social media resource that links you to many of our downloadable photo assets.

Flickr, for those who are unfamilar, is an an excellent way to view and download photos of products, applications and artwork that you can use for the promotion of SATCO|NUVO products.  It allows for easy viewing, selection and downloads.

social channel chipYou can link to any of these resources directly from the top of this web page.  

Mobile and SMS

It is coming!  Satco is only a few short months away from launching our new programs to help alert you to new products, promotions, events and opportunities, so stay tuned.




It's All About You...and we want to hear it!

Your stories, your successes, your relationship with SATCO.  

If you are a contractor, customer, designer or dealer we want to hear how SATCO helped you, specifically.  Whether you loved a NUVO lighting fixture that you placed in your living room, or you used our linear T-lamps to retrofit an entire complex, we want to know how SATCO helped to improve your success.

Stories about you how you used our ROI tools and demonstrated energy savings in your recent bid for a job or how our fixtures were available for a hotel chain specification right when you needed them! Offer us great fodder for our websites, tradeshows and editorial promotion and we will use them.

As with all public relations opportunities, nothing is guaranteed, but we will always offer our distributors, contractors, designers and customers credit so that recognition is passed along to you for your efforts!

And please don’t forget the photos!  Photos always help to sell any story. 

  • Photos of the space
  • Photos of the actual work being done
  • Photos of you

Let us be your PR agent.  Your success is our success, so let’s promote it together.  

Just email it to our marketing department, and mention Story Leads in the subject line!  



What's New?

Right now we are trying to spread a little joy around in these COVID Quarantine times by shining a little light on our very changed lives.  

Whether you are working remotely, or in a warehouse or operations center; or whether your lighting job is on pause for the moment, we are all part of this community. 

We want to show the optimistic side of things on our Facebook today to help bring a smile to each other's faces, and shed a little light on the corners of our lives that bring each of us joy.  We are asking for photos of the spot in your life that make you smile, funny quotes, or feel good moments in your day.

Join us on facebook and help "amp up" the positivity.

Let's shed a little light on the situation.

Let's #Do the right thing -- together.

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